1401 Goodrick Drive

Tehachapi, CA 93561


FAX 661-822-1947


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

About Benz Propane Co., Inc.

In the early 1980′s, a Tehachapi propane supplier sold out to a major national propane company, and customers were left with no choice. In 1983 Benz Propane started business to give local residents another option. Starting with zero customers and using hard work, determination, and a dedicated team of people who did not accept the concept of “can’t," Benz Propane flourished into a company which offered unprecedented service to its customers. Using all seven days of the week to expand business and personal relationships with current and potential customers, there was never a lapse in commitment. Today Benz Propane Co., Inc. can offer what few other propane suppliers can; personal interaction, immediate response, commitment of service, and local control of one’s account. Service is key, and has been essential to the growth of our company.

Two stage system for long pipe runs

Pigtail and twin stage regulator

propane services and rental tanks

residential and commercial propane services

Benz Sanitation offers:

  • Residential and commercial propane
  • Leak testing
  • New installations (tanks, gas lines)
  • 250/320/500/1,000 gallon tanks
  • Yearly rentals
  • Competitive pricing

If you suspect a leak, check the percentage in your tank. A low percentage (%) will cause a gas odor under normal conditions. If a severe leak develops, immediately contact the fire department and our office for service at 661-972-8309.